Medical Treatment and Actions

Many types of mass treatment are done in the field, but the most common is to invite people in certain areas, the people who come then register and directly examined by the doctor. After an interview on health status, physical examination and others, then the doctor will write a prescription continue to be given drugs according to the prescription.
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We should know the term in medical in health.

1. Therapy

Therapy is the treatment given to the patient on the basis of medical indications or diagnosis found by a doctor. Therapy can be
a. Medical therapy is a treatment given in the form of drugs / chemicals
b. Supportive therapy is the treatment given in the form of moral support to the healing process of the patient
c. Invasive therapy is treated by performing actions that cause disintegration (not intact) tissues or organs.

2. Medical Measures

Medical Measures are a medical intervention performed on a person’s patient based on certain medical indications that may cause the integrity of tissue or organs impaired. These actions may be
a. Therapeutic measures aimed at treatment
b. Diagnostic action aimed at enforcing or establishing a diagnosis.
Medical action may only be made if the informed consent has been made, that is, the patient’s consent or rejection of the medical treatment to be received after obtaining complete information about the action.